COMP: Comparing Ontology Matching Plug-in
Pavel Tyl;Jan Loufek

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Technical University of Liberec

Improving the ontology integration seems to be an important thing for maintenance of cooperation among various directions of ontology engineering (semantic web services, social networks, etc.). While particular ontologies cover a view at one specific domain of interest, many applications require much more general approach to describe their data. On this account it approaches to a promising solution to the
semantic heterogeneity, ontology matching. Matching can be improved in various ways, such as improving matching strategies, tools and systems, basic techniques
and methods or by explaining, representing and further processing and evaluating of matching results. This paper describe a matching plug-in into the open-source ontology editor, Prot´eg´e. The plug-in is called COMP and it is a tool for comparing and evaluating various matching techniques and strategies.

Publikasi :

2009 Fifth International Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices

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